the silvercat story

Styling, Comfort and Practicality

Styling, comfort, and practicality are the design parameters that have defined the success of the family cruisers and fishing boats that make up the SilverCAT product range. Our boats are built for pleasure cruising, sport fishing, and utility applications and offer a selection of models that combine advanced hull designs and superior performance.

Over the years, the SilverCAT fleet has grown to encompass a variety range of models – varied in size, capacity, style, and purpose. Continuing our holding company Gulf Craft‘s reputation for constant innovation and superior quality, the SilverCAT fleet combines advanced hull designs, superior performance, and evolving styles.

Why Silvercat


  • Speed & stability:

    SilverCAT delivers a smooth, soft catamaran ride in even the roughest, toughest conditions. This is achieved with the advanced hull designs that we offer. While each design shares the same major advantages of a power catamaran’s improved stability and a shallow draft. With SilverCAT, you will always have a better boating experience.

  • Manufacturing excellence:

    Starting with tried and tested hull designs.
    We add elegance and form using the best materials and tooling in the market.
    SilverCAT selected the best craftsmen in the business to transform those raw materials into a perfect catamaran.
    Our experienced technicians install every device in well thought out practical locations within the boat, taking into account weight reduction, accessibility, and practical use for the boat user.
    Finally, were ready to deliver to you a boat that does not just endure but excels, in the toughest of conditions.

  • Revolutionary models:

    It all starts with an idea to design and develop the most refined, practical, and luxurious catamaran models on the market.
    We set out to create the perfect catamaran, one that would not only meet our SilverCAT standards, but one that would exceed the customer’s expectations.
    The ability to choose the best material and fabric, colors, and even choose the perfect setup for your boating experience with customized configurations.